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Lotus ♥ Graphics
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♫ I . N . T . R . O ♫

welcome to lotus' graphics journal, where you will find icons & other types of graphics. feel free to watch this community!!

fandoms include: full moon wo sagashite, shinshi doumei cross, honey & clover, cardcaptor sakura, la corda d'oro, bishoujo senshi sailor moon

crediting policy: if you see something you like, please leave a comment and tell me! i'd also appreciate if you'd credit me if you use any graphics, but if you forget i won't chase you down or anything ;) however, please don't claim anything as your own!

♫ A . R . C . H . I . V . E . S ♫
find what you need!

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♫ A . F . F . I . L . I . A . T . E . S ♫
icon journals & other related communities

rotestrasse -- icons of various animanga series, such as: prince of tennis, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, bakusou kyoudai let's & go!!, and more!
orangecandypop -- icons from animanga series such as cardcaptor sakura, tokyo mew mew, naruto, fushigi yuugi and more!
seizastation -- icons featuring stock images, various asian celebrities like ayumi hamasaki, yuna ito and boa, and various animanga series~
cherrymoonlight -- icons of animanga like princess tutu and sayonara zetsubo sensei and games, plus icon resources and screencaps!
(NEW) xxpyrography -- icons of cardcaptor sakura, various arina tanemura series, vampire knight, abd more, plus some very impressive manga coloring!


♫ C . R . E . D . I . T . S ♫
thanks very much!


the image above features akari mizunashi from ARIA. journal header features kusame otomiya and komaki kamiya from shinshi doumei cross. both colored by me :)

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